Have you seen a dentist this year? It’s recommended to visit your dentist twice a year for routine cleaning and a check-up. If it has been a year, or more, since you last visited the dentist, you are not alone; many working-age Americans forgo regular visits to the dentist, oftentimes because they worry they cannot afford dental care. Whether you have dental insurance or not, regular dental care is critical to your overall health, and It’s important to know you can access good dental care with or without dental insurance. At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, we work with our patients to address the most common barriers to accessing dental care. Thanks to our in-office payment plans, you don’t need to let cost stop you from obtaining the dental services you need!

According to a 2014 study by the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute, cost ranks among the top reasons American adults cite for not visiting a dentist. The study states that from the years 2000-2012, the percentage of Americans with private dental insurance benefits declined, as did their rate of utilizing dental services. While dental care services for children increased over the same period, the trend for American adults is worrisome: studies show that fully one-third of American adults lack dental insurance, and two-thirds of seniors have no dental coverage. 

Cost is consistently cited as one of the top reasons why adults indicate they do not intend to visit a dentist in the next 12 months. Avoidance of the dentist due to cost is a key reason cited by adults across all ages and income levels. So how can we address this obstacle so that all Americans receive the dental care they need? At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, Dr. Paul Fjeldsted has made it his mission to provide high quality, affordable dental treatment in a friendly, comfortable environment. 

At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, we work with our patients to address the most common barriers they face in accessing dental care. While some patients have the benefit of dental insurance sharing the cost of their treatment, others do not. For our patients who do not have access to insurance, LMHD has created an in-office dental plan. With two levels of coverage to choose from, these dental plans provide you with the care you need at a price you can afford. There are no copays or deductibles, only an annual membership fee. With these plans there is no dealing with denial of claims, pre-approvals, or annual maximums. Best of all, there is no waiting. You can enroll today and your benefits begin immediately! A great option for patients who currently have no dental insurance, these plans will provide you with the means to get the oral healthcare that you deserve. 

Dr. Paul Fjeldsted and the La Mesa Hills Dentistry staff do not want there to be any barriers to your access to quality dental care. In addition to the in-house dental plans, La Mesa Hills Dentistry also offers several options for no-interest financing, and welcomes patients who prefer to pay cash for their services. So are you ready to smile? Don’t let cost stop you from obtaining the dental services you need. Call (619) 469-2902 or visit www.lamesahillsdentistry.com to learn more about how you can afford dental care. Book an appointment with La Mesa Hills Dentistry today!