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Is it going to hurt?


We cater to dental cowards!  Numbing gel eases the prick of the needle, noise-canceling headphones are available to drown out the noise of your treatment, generous amounts of anesthetic assure [...]

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Do I need insurance?


Nope.  We offer a generous cash discount to patients without insurance.  Additionally, we offer an in-office plan that actually offers better discounts than some dental insurance plans offer.

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How much is a cleaning?


Most routine cleanings are covered by your insurance plan. In some cases, you may require a deeper cleaning which may have a small copay. For those who do not have [...]

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Do you offer Invisalign?


Yes.  Don't be embarrassed about those crooked teeth any longer!  We offer complimentary Invisalign consultations for new patients.  Dr. Fjeldsted has been treating crooked smiles with Invisalign for many years [...]

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