Did you know that it takes only 3 seconds for a first impression? Only 3 seconds! Making a good first impression can be crucial when meeting someone for the first time, interviewing for a new job, or meeting a new client. Your teeth are often the very first thing people notice when you speak to them.



Your smile is important, and at La Mesa Hills Dentistry we want to help you build your confidence with a smile you love. We offer a full range of general dentistry services for our clients, including:

Keeping our gums and teeth healthy is important for reasons other than just making great first impressions. Oral health and overall health are closely connected, and poor oral health can lead to serious problems. Unhealthy gums and periodontitis, for example, can contribute to many systemic conditions, including heart failure and diabetes.

At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, it is our mission to improve the dental health of each of our patients, while also providing the best cosmetic result that you desire. We offer a range of general dentistry services to meet your every need. Click here to contact our La Mesa office to learn more, or to schedule an appointment today!