Choose one with GREAT reviews!

Are you looking for a new dentist? A dentist is an important partner in your health, so when you choose a dentist you are looking for more than just someone to clean your teeth. But how do you choose a dentist? There is a lot more to consider than just credentials; you want to find a provider you can trust, and one with whom you feel comfortable. One place to start is by reading reviews. Client reviews can give you great insight into which dentist to choose, and can make choosing the right dentist a whole lot easier. 

Good oral health requires regular visits to the dentist, so you will want to choose a dentist that will work best for your lifestyle and dental care needs. When reading reviews, whether on Yelp, Google, Facebook or elsewhere, consider carefully what the reviewer says. Remembering to be mindful that everyone has a different perspective, there is much to be learned from reading about others’ experiences- be those good or bad.

At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, we value our patients above all else, and we are so pleased that so many of them have shared our praise on various online review forums. Our clients have given us overwhelmingly positive ratings, and we are so grateful for their support. Here’s a sampling of what our clients have said about La Mesa Hills Dentistry:


★★★★★ Alexis S. 11/15/2018

Finally found a forever dentist! I have been in search for a dentist that actually cares about their clients and doesn’t recommend unnecessary work just to make that extra buck on you. This place impressed me from the moment I walked in and just kept it going to the moment I walked out the door. I felt comfortable the whole time and they are so gentle! looking forward to my next cleaning and many more visits to come 🙂


★★★★★  Truong J. 9/10/2018

I love this place , the staff are friendly and Dr. Fjeldsted is super nice, gentle and his work is amazing. Highly recommend.


★★★★★ Katie L. 6/6/2018

Dr Fjeldsted is wonderful! They worked with my crazy busy schedule. He didn’t recommend any unnecessary treatments and I was in and out as quick as possible.


★★★★★ Ginny J. 8/7/2017

Great dentist! Friendly staff, easy to get appointments and they do a great job. Best dentist in San Diego. Highly recommend.


At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, we value our clients’ feedback, whether it’s positive or constructive. When we see we have a client who has had a less than stellar experience, we do everything in our power to make things right. Dr. Fjeldsted and his staff will always make every effort to ensure our clients are satisfied with their experience and the dental services they received. La Mesa Hills Dentistry is deeply rooted in our community and is dedicated to being a positive neighbor. 

When selecting a dentist, choose a local provider with a positive community impact. At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, Dr. Paul Fjeldsted and his staff have made the community’s comfort and convenience their priority. Call 619-469-2902 or visit to learn more about LMHD, Dr. Fjeldsted, and the general and cosmetic dentistry services we offer. Click here to book an appointment with La Mesa Hills Dentistry today!