Come in to LMHD for your Teeth Cleaning

Over the last few months most of us have seen changes to our schedules and disruptions to our routines. COVID-19 has caused us all to make many adjustments, and sometimes we have needed to delay outings or activities that we would normally engage in. Routine healthcare, including dental care, however, is not something any of us should put off. It is critical that Americans not delay in accessing the routine and preventative health care services they need in order to stay healthy. We have all done our part to reduce the spread of coronavirus, but remember it is of the utmost importance that you continue to take care of your health by maintaining routine visits with your healthcare providers. At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, we want to assure you that we are here to provide you and your family with the routine and urgent dental care you need.

Recent studies have shown that during Spring 2020 the community spread of COVID-19 was reduced when many Americans heeded the call to “stay home.” During this time, many people stopped receiving routine medical and dental care. This meant many people missed important preventative check-ups. Now, in Fall 2020, across the country most medical and dental offices have reopened for routine care. The medical community and healthcare professionals want everyone to know that they can now access the care they need! 

There are important reasons to not delay dental care. Dental issues may originate in the mouth, but if left untreated they can and will become systemic, affecting the whole body. If you are experiencing pain or inflammation, it is critical to have it looked at by your dental care provider. Pain and inflammation indicate an underlying problem, and if you have inflammation around one tooth, it can rapidly begin to affect other areas of the mouth and gums, and even spread throughout the entire body. Even if you are not currently experiencing any pain, or seeing any signs of inflammation, it is important to visit your dentist for your routine dental check up and cleaning.  

As much as is possible, your dental healthcare team is here to identify any issues that may cause you pain or inflammation before they occur. By maintaining regularly scheduled cleaning appointments, you establish a routine and a relationship that can keep your mouth healthy. Attending regular periodic cleanings allows your dental care team to become familiar with your mouth and your issues, and track any changes and developments that may be occurring. Most importantly, maintaining regular dental visits enables your dentist to identify any issues as soon as possible, before they become larger issues that require a more in-depth procedural solution. 

Here is an example: Johnny S. comes in for a routine dental care visit in January 2020. He receives his cleaning, the technicians take regularly scheduled x-rays, and no issues are identified in Johnny’s mouth. Over the next few months, Johnny S. eats more junk food and sweets than usual during his stay-at-home time, and also neglects his daily oral healthcare routine, sometimes forgetting to brush for a day or two. In July 2020, Johnny skips his semi-annual teeth cleaning due to concerns about COVID-19. By October 2020, Johnny S. is feeling sensitivity in the bottom right corner of his mouth. His rear molar on that side is sensitive to cold, and he feels some pain when brushing. Johnny feels concerned and calls his dentist for a check-up. When he goes in for a visit, the dentist identifies signs of progressive decay in the molar. Unfortunately, if Johnny had seen his dentist sooner, over the summer, it is likely the dentist would have identified the beginning signs of decay at that point, and also would have spoken with Johnny about the importance of maintaining consistently good oral care daily. Now, it isn’t too late to save Johnny’s tooth with a filling, but if the decay had been caught earlier, it likely would not have progressed to that point. 

We know that delaying dental care and leaving dental conditions untreated can have serious implications, both for our mouths and for our overall health. It is critical to maintain your regularly scheduled dental cleanings and check-ups in order to maintain a basis of care with your provider. Visiting your dentist regularly will enable them to identify any issues at the earliest possible point in time, and develop a course of action plan to prevent issues from progressing. If you need care, please do not delay! The staff at La Mesa Hills Dentistry is here to help, and we have taken the necessary steps to make sure you can come to our office with confidence that you will receive the care you need in a safe environment. Contact us here or call us at (619) 469-2902 to schedule your next cleaning; we want to help you maintain a healthy mouth, and optimal overall health.