Much attention has been given to recent reports which show a rise in recent years of facial injuries caused by cell phones. Facial injuries can be very serious, regardless of the cause of injury, especially if they cause a dental emergency. If you were to experience an injury to the face resulting in a dental issue, it is important to have a dentist you trust whom you can call. At La Mesa Hills Dentistry, we can help you with all your dental needs- whether it is routine dental care, or a dental issue caused by facial injury (cell phone-related or otherwise!). 

According to a recent study published online in the journal JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, there has been “a spike” in US emergency room treatment for facial injuries due to cell phone accidents. According to the study, cell phone injuries to the face have been increasing since 2006, around the time smart phones were introduced. While “some injuries were caused by phones themselves, including people getting hit by a thrown phone,” the study also found that “many were caused by distracted use including texting while walking, tripping and landing face-down on the sidewalk.”

Whether a facial injury is caused by a fall, or a flying phone, they can be very serious. The study defines facial injuries as including facial cuts, bruises, and fractures, and doesn’t discern which facial injuries led to dental issues as well, but chipped and broken teeth can commonly occur from facial injuries. It is less common to dislodge a tooth or have it knocked completely out, but these injuries can also occur and are more severe. Jaw injuries and malocclusion (the inability to properly align the teeth) can also occur as a result of an injury. When there is a facial injury that results in a dental issue such as these, it is important to immediately contact your dentist. 

If you have experienced a dental issue due to an injury to your face, your dentist will give you a thorough examination to assess any damage. Your dentist will check for damaged or missing teeth, tooth and root cracks, and any signs of trauma to the arch of your mouth and your jaw. Hopefully you never experience a dental injury such as these, but if you do, you can call on Dr. Paul Fjeldsted and the staff at La Mesa Hills Dentistry. At LMHD, we offer restorative dental care, dental implants, and a wide range of treatments and remedies depending upon the type and extent of the injury. 

Here at La Mesa Hills Dentistry, we are here to help you, whether you’re experiencing a cell phone-related facial injury, or any other dental concern. Dr. Fjeldsted and his friendly staff will fulfill any of your dental needs, from routine cleanings, to dental implants, bridges, and Invisalign. Call La Mesa Hill Dentistry at (619) 469-2902, or click here to book an appointment today!